Beyond the Bit
Horse Training
About Lindsey
Lindsey was born and raised in Atkinson, New Hampshire.  She has always shown a love and passion for animals, aspiring to be a veterinarian as a young child and later becoming more invested in the agricultural industry.  Her adventures truly began in high school where she worked as a stable hand for a local farm in exchange for riding the farm's horses.  The experiences on the farm led her to study Animal Sciences in college, where she attended Cornell University in Ithaca, NY, graduating in May 2013 with a B.S. in Animal Science.  As a recruited varsity track athlete in college, competing in the pole vault, Lindsey had a limited amount of time she could dedicate to riding horses.  She did, however, join the Western Equestrian Club where she took riding lessons once a week.
In the summer of 2012 Lindsey moved out west to Dubois, Wyoming to work as a wrangler at Absaroka Ranch.  Working with the thirty horses at the ranch was a life changing experience for her.  It was that summer that Lindsey truly appreciated the incredible intelligence and connections that can be made with a horse and decided she wanted to pursue horse training.  Upon graduation, Lindsey returned to the ranch for the following summer and fall outfitting seasons.  That winter she then went on to work for a horse trainer in Wyoming.  The first hand experiences she gained working for a trainer were also life changing... they solidified her aspirations to be a horse trainer.  Lindsey decided to return to Absaroka Ranch the upcoming spring because she wasn't quite gaining the knowledge she was hungry for in the training industry.
After her third season at the Absaroka, Lindsey was eager to dive into the horse training world.  She then decided to pursue further education through a horse trainer certification program.  Being fortunate enough to apply and receive the Karen Clark Scholarship, she was able to participate in the Brandi Lyons Horse Training Certification Program in Cave Creek, AZ.  Lindsey underwent intensive training throughout the Program from February through May, where she Graduated from Brandi's Level I Program as a Certified Trainer.
Brandi then hired Lindsey on as her assistant trainer to travel with her across the country to help with Horsemanship Clincis and Horse Expos.  Lindsey returned to Wyoming for the months of August and September to establish Beyond the Bit Horse Training before going back down to Arizona in October for Brandi's second level of the Certification Program.  After two more months of intensive training with Brandi during October and November, Lindsey is now a Level II Certified Trainer.  She is now back in Dubois, WY training horses for her business Beyond The Bit Horse Training.