Beyond the Bit
Horse Training
The Team


Spook is my 5 year old gelding that I got in Arizona from RRR Horse Rescue.  I got him as an unbroke horse, where he also had a bucking and pulling back problem.  Spook has become a wonderful companion to me and I've yet to have any issues with bucking or pulling back since going through my training program.  He has made tremendous improvements throughout his training with me; from being aftraid of his own shadow (hence the name "Spook") to now going through some high level performance training.  Spook is my main demonstration horse, where aside from all the practical training  he has, he can sit and lie down on command!


Jameson is my 10 year old Mustand gelding.  I got him in Arizona as an aggressive stallion who had been abandoned at a home with no food or water for an extended period of time (see photo to right).  With some training and good nutrition he is now a very healthy and handsome looking horse!  Jameson is my baby and I cannot wait to continue with him through my training program.  He is currently recovering from a leg injury so I am doing all that I can to get him healthy enough to train again.  Even though Jameson still has aggressive tendonsies as a gelding, he is near and dear to my heart and I'm going to do everything I can to make him into an amazing horse.  




Garland Judd

Shade is my deaf Australian Shepherd puppy who accompanies me on every adventure.  Shade is learning lots of hand signals and is proving she's as smart as can be!
Garland is my number one supporter and is always there when I need him. He is a plumber at Hess Plumbing and he's a wonderful handy man.  He's getting to be quite the horseman, too!