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Max is a half arabian and he came from an arab reining trainer in Arizona.  He had been deemed a  'problem' horse and after 9 different trainers, including all severity levels of training, Max ended up at Brandi Lyons' place (where I was training out of) to see if she could figure out what was wrong with the horse.  The trainer had further explained that Max would be okay for a couple days and then on the thrid/fourth day he would just throw a fit that included bucking, rearing, etc.!  Turns out, Max was an amazing horse that just didn't understand leg pressure!  He is a sensitive guy that learned to react (pin ears, swish tail, buck, rear) to leg pressure instead of understanding to yield to it.  His previous owner only wanted to own a champion reining horse and wasn't willing to put in the extra time and money into fixing Max's problem.  So... I adopted Maxwell!  Max is doing great and is enjoying his life with me.  He is getting more comfortable with every ride and is much happier.  He has also learned some new tricks and really loves the trick training (sit, lay down, bow).


Shade is my deaf Australian Shepherd who accompanies me on every adventure.  Shade knows hand signals and is as sweet as can be.  Her favorite toy is a dressage whip!


Spook was a 5 year old gelding that I got in Arizona from RRR Horse Rescue.  I got him as an unbroke horse, where he also had a bucking and pulling back problem.  Spook became a wonderful companion to me and I never had any issues with him bucking or pulling back after putting him hrough my training program.  He made tremendous improvements throughout his training with me; from being aftraid of his own shadow (hence the name "Spook") to going through some high level performance training.  Spook was my main demonstration horse, where aside from all the practical training  he had, he could sit and lie down on command!  I decided to find Spook a new home with someone who could spend more time with him than I could.  He is with a wonderful new owner in Arizona and competes in mounted shooting!  I'm so proud of how far this horse has come... from spooky to moutned shooting...!


Jameson was my 10 year old Mustand gelding.  I got him in Arizona as an aggressive stallion who had been abandoned at a home with no food or water for an extended period of time (see photo to right).  With some training and good nutrition he became a very healthy and handsome looking horse!  Throughout the training Jameson had some lameness issues.  Xrays showed he had high ring in his left hind leg and becasue of this the vet instructed for light activity.  Because of his aggressive tendencies and the intensity level of training he required, I was faced with two options: either I was to put him down, or I could pay to do expensive injections in his leg to see if it would heal.  I chose to do the injections with him!  After almost a year off, I started his training and he stayed sound.  The injections were a success!  I got him to a point where he was safe to ride and had no aggressive thoughts whatsoever.  He turned out to be the sweetest boy.  He was adopted by a very nice family in Arizona.