Lindsey Patterson

At Beyond The Bit, we understand that true horsemanship transcends mere techniques. It's about inner growth, confidence, and the courage to step outside your comfort zone. Our clients seek not just the horsemanship skills but the heart and soul of equine partnership.


Empowerment: Acquire the tools for both personal growth and effective horse training.

Confidence: Gain the assurance to ask more of yourself and your horse.

Boundaries: Learn to set and respect them, in life and with your equine partner.

Freedom: Experience the joy, peace, and freedom that come from a harmonious bond with your horse.

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What Our Clients Experience...

Lindsey Patterson

Growing up with a love for animals and dreams of becoming a veterinarian, my first brush with horses was as a child, feeding sugar cubes to the neighbors' horses. This passion for equine life truly blossomed in high school, sparked by a photography teacher's tales and images of her farmstead. Her invitation to visit her farm led to me exchanging chores for riding lessons, an experience that introduced me to the mesmerizing world of horses and paved the path to studying animal science in college.

My life took a turn towards the equine dream during a summer break in Wyoming, working as a wrangler. The ranch lifestyle captivated me, changing my aspirations from dairy farming to cowgirling, and leading me to pursue horse training under the mentorship of Brandi Lyons. A scholarship opened the doors to certification, marking the beginning of my professional journey with horses. My training approach was shaped by challenging equine behaviors and diverse experiences gained while assisting Brandi across the country, culminating in the establishment of Beyond The Bit in Wyoming.

However, personal trials, including the end of a long-term relationship and a professional setback after investing deeply in training endurance horses, led to burnout. Physical injuries and financial struggles compounded the issue, leaving me yearning for change. I attempted a fresh start by moving back to New Hampshire and entering a new business venture, but it wasn't until I sought the guidance of a life coach that my transformative journey truly began.

Embracing the insights and growth from my journey, I am now poised to empower other equestrians. Beyond The Bit has evolved to offer not just horse training, but a synergy of equine and life coaching, promoting both personal and equine growth, guided by the powerful lessons our horses teach us about ourselves.

Through life coaching, I discovered a profound capacity for self-improvement and a renewed passion for equine work.

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