Your Transformation Awaits

At Beyond The Bit, we understand that true horsemanship transcends mere techniques. It's about inner growth, confidence, and the courage to step outside your comfort zone. Our clients seek not just the skills but the heart and soul of equine partnership.

If you're excited about personal growth, ready to embrace change, and hungry for a deeper connection with your horse, you're in the right place.

Personalized Coaching 

Whether in person or online, embark on a personal journey to uncover your strengths, overcome challenges, and deepen your bond with your horse.

Colt Starting, Restarts & Horsemanship Training

On-site month-to-month training where your horse gets personalized attention and techniques tailored to their needs.

 Problem Horses & Tune-Ups

Lay a solid foundation for your horse and fix issues such as bucking, bolting, and more to set them up on a path of lifetime success and partnership.

Virtual & In-Person Lessons

Let me help you on your horsemanship journey! Whether you are looking for guidance on refining your riding skills or working through something with your horse, I can help you find solutions.

Coaching for Equestrians

1:1 virtual coaching sessions

Do you find you are repeating the same patterns in your horsemanship and can’t seem to make lasting changes? Are you having a hard time staying motivated to push to the next step? There might be more to it than just learning new training tools and techniques. Sometimes adapting ourselves, our thoughts, and our actions is the key to positive change in our horsemanship journey.

How It Works

My 1:1 coaching aims to facilitate positive change in my clients’ lives, ultimately leading to positive change in their relationship with their horse and horsemanship journey. 

Coaching calls begin with diving into your goals and what’s coming up with you and your horse. This will reveal where you are being challenged in your life and where there is a door that can be opened up for you to begin your transformational journey. 

Riders will be asked to take and submit a video of themselves riding or working with their horse prior to each call. Calls are 1 hour in length and typically done over Zoom. 

Individual Coaching Calls start at $150

10-Week Packages start at $997


Colt Starting & Re-Starts 

both services include Full-time training & board at Freedom Farm in New Hampshire 

This is my true expertise! I believe in and have a passion for developing a solid foundation on all/any horse - young, old, started, not started. A solid foundation sets a horse and their rider up for long-term success and the ability to succeed in ANY discipline. 



Training includes 5 sessions per week. Lessons with the owner are encouraged to ensure a successful transition once the horse returns home. 

Problem Horses & Tune-Ups

Bucking, bolting, rearing, pulling back, trailer loading and more. If you and your horse have reached a point where you need help- give me a call! Typically a 30-day minimum on problem horse training and/or tune-ups but give or take dependent on the severity of the issue. 

Lessons: Virtual & In-Person

virtual & in person lessons start at $75

Let me help you on your horsemanship journey! Whether you are looking for guidance on refining your riding skills or working through something with your horse, I can help. 

Lessons are typically 45-60 minutes. 


Interested in Booking a Workshop or Attending an Event?

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